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Archiver Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  { UNLIMITED = 0 }

Public Slots

void cancel ()
void setForceFullBackup (bool force=true)


void backupTypeChanged (bool incremental)
void elapsedChanged (const QTime &)
void fileProgress (int percent)
void inProgress (bool runs)
void logging (const QString &)
void newSlice (int)
void sliceProgress (int percent)
void targetCapacity (KIO::filesize_t bytes)
void totalBytesChanged (KIO::filesize_t)
void totalFilesChanged (int)
void warning (const QString &)

Public Member Functions

 Archiver (QWidget *parent)
bool createArchive (const QStringList &includes, const QStringList &excludes)
bool getCompressFiles () const
const QString & getFilePrefix () const
QString getFilter () const
int getFullBackupInterval () const
int getKeptBackups () const
const QDateTime & getLastBackup () const
const QDateTime & getLastFullBackup () const
int getMaxSliceMBs () const
bool getMediaNeedsChange () const
const KUrl & getTarget () const
KIO::filesize_t getTotalBytes () const
int getTotalFiles () const
bool isInProgress () const
bool loadProfile (const QString &fileName, QStringList &includes, QStringList &excludes, QString &error)
bool saveProfile (const QString &fileName, const QStringList &includes, const QStringList &excludes, QString &error)
void setCompressFiles (bool b)
void setFilePrefix (const QString &prefix)
void setFilter (const QString &filter)
void setFullBackupInterval (int days)
void setKeptBackups (int num)
void setLoadedProfile (const QString &fileName)
void setMaxSliceMBs (int mbs)
void setMediaNeedsChange (bool b)
void setTarget (const KUrl &target)
void setVerbose (bool b)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool getDiskFree (const QString &path, KIO::filesize_t &capacityBytes, KIO::filesize_t &freeBytes)

Static Public Attributes

static Archiverinstance
static QString sliceScript

Private Slots

void loggingSlot (const QString &message)
void receivedOutput ()
void slotListResult (KIO::Job *, const KIO::UDSEntryList &)
void slotResult (KJob *)
void updateElapsed ()
void warningSlot (const QString &message)

Private Member Functions

void addDirFiles (QDir &dir)
void addFile (const QFileInfo &info)
bool addLocalFile (const QFileInfo &info)
void calculateCapacity ()
bool compressFile (const QString &origName, QFile &comprFile)
bool fileIsFiltered (const QString &fileName) const
void finishSlice ()
bool getNextSlice ()
bool isIncrementalBackup () const
void runScript (const QString &mode)
void setIncrementalBackup (bool inc)

Static Private Member Functions

static bool UDSlessThan (KIO::UDSEntry &left, KIO::UDSEntry &right)

Private Attributes

KTar * archive
QString archiveName
QString baseName
bool cancelled
bool compressFiles
QTime elapsed
QMap< QString, char > excludeDirs
QMap< QString, char > excludeFiles
QString ext
QString filePrefix
int filteredFiles
QList< QRegExp > filters
bool forceFullBackup
int fullBackupInterval
bool incrementalBackup
bool interactive
QPointer< KIO::CopyJob > job
int jobResult
QDateTime lastBackup
QDateTime lastFullBackup
QString loadedProfile
int maxSliceMBs
bool mediaNeedsChange
int numKeptBackups
bool runs
bool skippedFiles
KIO::filesize_t sliceBytes
KIO::filesize_t sliceCapacity
QStringList sliceList
int sliceNum
KIO::UDSEntryList targetDirList
KUrl targetURL
KIO::filesize_t totalBytes
int totalFiles
bool verbose

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file Archiver.hxx.

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